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HappyDog Story: “Hi, my dog Goji age 13 Australian Labradoodle could not even stand on his own and has a torn ACL. I gave him your collagen and some cbd oil, and now he is hopping and his hair is growing back! Thank you.”



The Story of Chianti, the HappyDog

With HappyAgain, Chianti runs a lot better, lies down better and is much better after the night sleep! Mareen (Chianti’s momma) is overjoyed and continues to feed her HappyAgain.

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Mops Molly, as a dog who suffers from a severe case of joint pain, slowed the progressive process of joint disease by using a daily dose of Happy Again in her daily meals.


Wags and Walks is a community of dog lovers working to promote that shelter dogs are some of the best dogs in the world. Learn more in our IGTV Chat.

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Hamboards is joining hands with HappyBond to help our furry friends get back on the run using groundbreaking products and research on cartilage tissue engineering.

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Good News: Everything You Need To Know About Coronavirus & Your Dog

We compiled information directly from the WHO and CDC so you can stay safe, healthy and happy with your fur family.

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In the world of health and wellness, CBD is already making waves for people around the world. Now, let's talk about CBD and your dog's health. Is it just a myth or will it actually help your pup?

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Our Dog Macaron with Bonne et Filou

Find out more about Bonne et Filou's delicious handmade dog macarons and our special edition with added Collagen.

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